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Celadon Vase (3)

by Ruud
(the Netherlands)

Hi peter, thank you for your very thorough comment.
I add a few more photo's but I am afraid I cannot get the seal any more clearer than this.I am interested to know, though, if you are able to identify anything additional. Regards,


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Feb 22, 2011
Celadon Vase
by: Ruud

Hi Peter,

I think you are right.

Feb 22, 2011
celadon vase
by: peter

Hi Ruud,
I cannot read the mark. Not sure if it is that the characters are not impressed clearly or if it is the light. Usually even such marks should be better visible.
Anyway, that isn't important anymore, I think. The picture with the side view of the bottom as well as the right picture allow a better and closer view of the foot rim.
The light of this picture seems also to be better and it is obvious that it isn't porcelain but pottery.

From the consistency and uniformity of the unglazed clay of the foot rim I am convinced that this is new. Usually, antique pottery is more porous and less consistent, and the firing color is less homogenous.
This confirms the impression I had from the decoration, I'm afraid.

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