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Thank you
by: Ron

Thank you for your time and help.
You are very generous with your knowledge and it is much appreciated :)

by: Ron

Thanks for your help Peter.
I thought it may be an artists seal ?
Two characters I managed to translate "heaven" and "people" (I think)

I wonder how to go about getting it scientifically dated?

Anyway , thanks for your help again

by: peter

The content is difficult to read, but it is not a personal or official stamp. It rather seems to be a text affixed perhaps to a painting, or for a similar purpose. It is not for signing, apparently.

Porcelain seals are difficult to date and I cannot tell you from what era this would be. Please also be aware that the carved characters might be from a different time than the seal itself.

Basically, the seal is either a more recent product, or if old, it would be antique and has collecting value due to the scarcity of antique porcelain seals.

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