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Celadon bowl

by Irina

Dear Peter, thank you for your knowledge as always. Can you help me with this celadon bowl please? Regards

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Celadon bowl
by: Irina

Yes, Peter, I understand that. This cup from a private collection, but of course does not mean that is not a fake. It is difficult to find information about the celadon porcelain. I agree that the color of the clay is different from the earlier period. That's all I found myself. Thank you again.

Celadon bowl
by: Irina

Thanks a lot Peter! You are a star!

Irina, unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to tell with the huge quantity of fakes floating about.

by: peter

Hi Irina,
Not sure what this is. Looks as if it is either an item of the Song/Yuan periods, but the color of the clay is a bit dfferent to those. Could have been made later.
Maybe someone else knows this better.

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