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Celadon? bowl

by Andy

Hi this is my last item from Aunties boxes for now. Will give you some respite! Hopefully I am correct this time in referring to this bowl as Celadon? Of all the items so far I have unboxed this is the one I am most dubious about. Its condition is just so perfect compared to the rest. Could this be a repro? These Celadon type bowls with all the variations in colour, form & porcelain type is such a mine field and I am comletely out of my depth. Its about the same size as the other bowls, 5 1/2 in x 2 in deep and has a crackle glaze. Again, anything you can give me good or bad would be much appreciated. Kind regards Andy

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How complex...
by: Andy

Wow, ok, this is mind boggling to me the diversity of Chinese ceramics. As I said before it sounds like a minefield to identify items. Personally I would not have rated this bowl one bit. The thing that makes me second guess is that it belonged to Aunt Joan and she knew a thing or two about Asian items. These bits were just a few i found left behind in boxes and I effectively saved them from being thrown out. The good stuff had already been sold by the daughters and I understand caused quite a stir at the auction house. I never got to see any of it which is a shame. Saying that I am quite happy with these few cast offs and so glad I saved them. Its opened up a new interest for me. You have been great Peter and I will continue to follow all the postings until I post some more again. Take care, Andy

by: peter

I have been considering this too. Cannot be sure, though. First of all, this isn't celadon either, it is white porcelain. Celadon usually needs at least a tinge of green to be that.
As far as I can see, Yuan isn't quite possible, judging from the bottom. The outer shape is that of Longquan bowls, but the foot rim/foot aren't quite right for the Song wares I know. That doesn't mean much, though. There are simply much to many types. The Song wares I am more comfortable with mostly have a wide rim with a relative loose clay. The ring of the bowl, etc. might also give some hints. I would wait until you either see a similar bowl somewhere, or until you have an opportunity to show it to someone with more experience in the more ancient wares.
Just if you should be thinking of Ge wares, I don't think so... Ge wares have a clay with high iron content and the foot rim should be looking gray/blackish, as far as I understand.

Is it possible that it could be Song?
by: Andy

Thats fine Peter, I thought this one may prove more tricky. I quite understand there are times when images are not enough alone. Is there a very remote possibility it could be Song Dynasty?

by: peter

With monochrome items it is difficult to tell as there are less points of reference.
Perhaps it is Qing dynasty, but not sure about this. The consistency of the clay and glaze are too important in this case. I would need to do a hands-on inspection with this.

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