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can you tell me anything about this vase?

by shellie duke
(greater london)

hi, was just wondering if anyone can tell me about this vase. I inherited from a great aunt some years ago, but don't really know anything about it. think its chinese because of the markings. thanks shellie

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Sep 16, 2010
by: shellie

hi peter, thanks very much for all the info its great to finally know something about it. I'm not really worried if it was worth anything its more sentimental than anything. I have some more that have the same sort of pattern but with different markings, be great if you could tell me about them aswell if possible, will upload the photos for you to have a look at if that's ok. thanks again shellie

Sep 15, 2010
Temple jar
by: peter

This is a Temple Jar and it is indeed Chinese.
Its western name "temple" comes from the shape of the lid, looking like a roof. The Chinese call it General's Jar, for the same reason. At some time in Chinese history warriors had hats/helmets shaped this way. From these pictures it is difficult to tell whether it is antique or modern.
If it is antique, it would be from the end of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), despite its mark, which is a spurious Kangxi mark often used on porcelain during that time.
Basically, the bottom looks old from these pictures, but the strokes of the characters and proportion of the mark give rise to some doubts. They are written in a different manner.
Best would be if you could show the actual item to a knowledgeable collector or dealer for a hands-on check, in order to see if the mark was added later. This would require that he/she is able to identify Chinese characters.

Please be aware that this is a common item and, even if it is from the Qing dynasty, its value won't be very high.

Hope this helps.

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