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Can you please help me,identify if this is genuine?...

by sangita
(united kingdom)

after looking at your mark identification page,i can say this ginger jar is qinglong,apart from that i know nothing.its about 6 inches in height and has 4 characters (i have mostly seen 6 characters and few four too but the four ones seem to be inside a square box) and has some tiny rust spots (i think thats what they are called),it was sold by a lady in a flea market and she said it was an old piece. your assistance is much appreciated.thanks.

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by: sangita

thanks peter for your prompt reply.i will send another photo of face.actually the pot is not really white,i wld say dirty white and the boys trousers arnt red but brown(it looks different bcoz of flash and lighting) having said that the painting isnt pristine and professional and i think is engraved not just painted,not sure.thanks again for your help.

by: peter


The mark is irrelevant. They add any mark for decoration, even those of past dynasties or reigns. Qianlong marks look completely different and are hand-painted, not stamped, mostly in blue.

The pictures don't show the faces clearly enough to judge the painting style by the features of the faces, but the colors used indicate it is something from the second or third quarter of the 20th century, or even later. The bright red and the very white glaze are typical for later items.

In some cases there is also the possibility that all or part of the painting was added later on an old blank or white porcelain body, to increase its perceived value. It is difficult to tell, here, if it falls into this category, without actually handling the item.

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