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Can You Help?

by Gary Hawker
(Kent, England, UK)

Tallest is 8-10 inches

Tallest is 8-10 inches

My grandfather worked on the Cunard/P&O lines in the Far East/Australia sometime during the mid-late 1920's to early 1930's. I am not sure but believe he got hold of the "tea service" in the picture (only some of the items) during this time. My father was born in 1939, his sister the year before but they both remember these items from their childhood & so they are definately pre 1938.

I am currently writing my family history and would really appreciate any help in identifying these items or advice on other websites/organisations that may be able to help.


Gary Hawker

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Feb 29, 2012
Have they got marks
by: Gary Hawker


They are marked but I couldn't get a good enough photo of it.

It is a red cross with a symbol in each of the quadrants, I will try to get a clearer picture of it & post it here if I can.

The dates on the timeline I mention are correct.

Could this have been something they used on the ships/ferries that operated in the Far East/Australia at that time?

Regards, Gary

Feb 28, 2012
by: peter

Are there any marks? Items of this type are most likely second half of the 20th century. I don't think they can be attributed to the 20s or 30s, unless they were made to order, perhaps; but these items look as if they were factory made, not made in old kilns.

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