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can you help with this plate?

by Ryan

Hello Peter..
I am curious about this plate. When would it be from? It is rather simple but pleasant enough. I noticed other pieces similar to this with little marks or some sort of signature, made with a series of little holes to make the symbol. Can you tell me anything about that? Is this a famille rose plate?

Thank you so much for your help. It means a lot to me..


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Jiaqing plate
by: Ryan

Thanks again. You are so helpful! I have explored your site more and I have compiled a collection of marks for the academics of this fascinating hobby. I am learning more and more.(especially with your replies :)
There are two more plates that match this one which I haven't acquired yet, but I will likely soon if they do indeed match. I will send photos later in the week I imagine.. or of another item I find intriguing.
Oh.. one more good thing, there was the Ming bowl I discussed with you before. The one with the different colors of glaze on the bottom compared to the rest of the bowl. Anyways, the gloss on the bottoms glaze matches perfectly with the rest of the bowl. It just looked different in the photos from the angles of light I guess.

Jiaqing plate
by: peter

Hi Ryan,
The underside leaf decoration is typical for the Jiaqing reign. In this case you have a Jiaqing mark, but not all items with this decoration have this same mark.
Dishes with this decoration are often found as part of a set in which each dish has a completely different decoration.
Dishes/plates with this decoration were made until at least the early 20th century. I just tell you this to make it clear that not each item with the decoration is a Jiaqing period item. Not sure if there are new ones too.
Some may be Guangxu or even Republic Period. Small dishes may not have the red leaf decoration underneath, even if they are Jiaqing.

>some sort of signature, made with a series of >little holes to make the symbol.

Please see lower half of the following page:

>Is this a famille rose plate?

I cannot tell for you think it is pink? The french "famille rose" is either meant to categorize items as "pink color type" or having a "rose" decoration!?
Basically, I do not pay much attention to this type of categorization used by Europeans early on. It divides all porcelain according to predominant color, but it is too rough a categorization, in my view. And sometimes it is difficult to decide which color it should be attributed to.

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