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Can you help with these marks?

by Harry
(London, UK)


I have a Chinese Export Amorial Plate with a red marking back stamp and a blue and white crackleware bowl with blue markings. Can anybody translate them or give me some information on thier dates/maufacture etc.

Many thanks


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by: peter

The blue one is a fake Yongle reign mark. The blue color itself is also wrong, as is the character style. Yongle reign marks never looked that way and only a handful of items with the real reign mark are known to remain. Most are later copies.

The other mark is a private mark: Yong ?? Hall Made. Not sure about the second character, but if authentic, this would be late Qing or republican period.
It is recommended to upload item pictures for identification.

To Linda:
Thanks for answering. I'm afraid Japanese marks do generally use different character styles. Only marks on Japanese porcelain imitating Chinese Ming dynasty items use this character type in the mark, but there are no Yongle ones, as far as I know. The stamped red mark is virtually unknown on Japanese porcelain, as far I understand. Generally said, Japan does not (never did) use seal characters on marks. I am prepared to hear otherwise, if I am wrong.

Japanese Marks
by: Linda

I think both might be Japanese marks, Blue mark is a look a like Ming, red is Satsuma 20th century

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