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Can you date this bowl?

by Ryan

Hi.. I bought this beautiful bowl, but I am not sure of its age. It is larger than most of the bowls I have and it measures 17.5cm wide x 8.3cm high. There are no marks on it except an x scratched into the bottom. The white in the photos appears just a little bit whiter in the photos than in real life. I hope you can help identify it..

Thank you so much again!!


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crude bowl
by: Ryan

Actually, I bought this one. I thought it was crude too but I liked the design. The fat dragon on the side has a little bit of color variation . I am guessing that the glaze was put on too thick to give it that hazy look. It wasn't expensive and I guessed it might me later Qing, but I wasn't sure as usual.. hahaha. I'll probably have some more pics for you soon..

by: peter

Not sure, Ryan. The blue color should be either 17th century or late Qing. I would think.

The white glaze is too white and too shiny for the former, I suspect. But as the decoration is nothing I can recognize it might be something on the later side. Don't buy it if you didn't already. Such items have little collecting value. The decoration is too crude.

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