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Can anyone tell me about this vase? 2

by Amanda
(Russells Point, OH)

Submitting more pictures for Peter.....sorry this is a new post I couldn't figure out how to modify my first post. And the bottom is finished, just with the scratches in middle. (not sure what I was thinking before)

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Feb 21, 2012
by: Amanda

Thank you, Peter for your comments. I was hoping nothing antique would have been used to hold a candle. Ha!(there is wax on the side & top) I have had fun looking around the web for information, I came across a lot of neat websites including this one! :-) Thanks again for your time.

Sometimes the characters may provide a hint. However, in this case my guess is that "R.O.C." may mean it was made after 1949. After that the official government of the time went into exile. The Republic of China continues to exist (in Taiwan).

Feb 21, 2012
by: peter

Amanda, thanks for the additional pictures. There are much more details visible now.
I'm afraid, this is a modern or recent product. The bottom cannot be anything but recent. The band decoration around the top rim, and that around the bottom, as well as the style of painting...they would cover several periods. A mix that can only be found in newer items, usually.

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