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Can anyone identify this plate?

by Linda

I am trying so hard to identify this plate. I am getting so confused that now I do not even know if it was made in China! can someone please help?? Thank you so much in advance! Linda

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Nov 07, 2010
Chinese Plate
by: peter

Hi, yes this is a Chinese plate. The mark would be a late Qing dynasty mark. It can be spurious, though.
The bottom appears to have some age, but the painting style of the decoration looks a bit awkward. And, if the "red" is really looking orange on the actual item, it would be rather later.
I would think that the quality of the decoration isn't quite right for end of Qing but could be republican period. The colors (if they are the same on the actual item as on these pictures) would however indicate it was painted later in the 20th century.

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