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Can anyone Help?

by Len

I bought this due to the design and I've been wondering where and possibly when it was made. I believe its a cup but I couldn't swear to it and I'm unsure whether it's Chinese or Japanese but the characters on the side of it leads me to believe it's likely to be Chinese.
I've looked at various different sites looking for a mark that matches the one on the base without any luck. So I've decided that asking around is probably the best option I have.

Thanks in advance!


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Mirrored images
by: Len

Peter, to learn that this is Japanese is surprising as a friend of mine was sure it was Chinese, but from learning what you've told me does help a lot, thanks!

And about the text on it being mirrored, at the time of uploading this I had forgotten that my camera flips the image that I've taken and has thus made it the wrong way around.

Thanks for the help!


Japanese item
by: peter

I don't know the mark, as this is a Japanese item. The text is a mirror image, with that I mean all characters appear like a reflection image. But it mentions that it is a present to tax payers (a type of souvenir). Looks pretty new.

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