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Can anyone help me to know what this is?

by Dawn
(La Habra, CA, USA)

Closeup of Mark

Closeup of Mark

Hi, can anyone help with identifying these marks? Or tell me what the use of this item would be? Thank you so much! :)

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thank you!
by: Dawn

Thank you for the translation of the marking. What would be the purpose of this item? I appreciate any knowledge you have ...

My guess is based on the assumption that it is really the fengshui master's name:
The Chinese like placing items with an auspicious meaning in their homes, shops, etc. My assumption is that the name is mentioned for a purely commercial purpose:
If th fengshui master's name is on it, this is like a recommendation from him that the item is beneficial for the place's fengshui, or for the owner's personal good luck, it might therefore sell better. Of course, there is the possibility that this is fake and has nothing to do with him. Just my guess...

porcelain box
by: peter

This is modern.
The mark refers says "Mr. Ju-Ming, auspicious Fengshui item". Ju-Ming could refer to a Fengshui master in Hong Kong (Li Ju-Ming or Kui-Ming in Cantonese)

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