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Bulb Shape Vase with Fiddle Head

by Keith
(Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Its been a few years now since I first started collecting Chinese porcelain. At each milestone of learning, with each new piece, I have taken on another approach for ageing each piece. Today, I have a general idea but there are so many details to factor. So in short, I give for now...or at least until I can have a conversation with a pro.

Presently, I am looking for any feedback for age and value of this vase. It appears to be an original piece of Chinese blue and white porcelain. It looks like RuWare but those pieces are very rare.

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by: peter

This is a modern vase, not at all in a traditional Chinese style, I'm afraid.

I wouldn't hope for Ru Ware. The pieces of Ru ware known in the world are in a two digit figure only. Some of these are damaged. Many of the top museums don't own any.

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