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Buddha unknown, Need Help

by Modesto Madrid
(El Paso, Texas, USA)

Hi I Need to find out information on this Buddha. I needed to know what is it called, what does the marking on the bottom mean, does it have a value. I really don't know anything about it. It was passed down to me. Anything would be helpful. Thank You.

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Reply to Peter
by: Modesto Madrid

Hello Peter and thank you for your info, But as far as being modern, I just don't know, This has been in my family well over 60yrs.
My Father was the owner of this item and this was passed down to me, he was in the Navy, in world war II and Korean war, hopefully this will help a little more. Thank You.

Please Can Anyone Help With More Info!!

I would try if you can find something similar among Japanese porcelain.

by: peter

I think this is a modern product. If it is meant to depict the said Buddha is something I can not know. The only that looks Chinese are his eyes. Chinese have very little beard growth, so the chin of a Chinese is usually not that color even if he doesn't shave for a long time (!)
This was made just for the fun of it, I think.

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