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brush holder

by patrick

Thank you peter for your comment on my previous question, it is undoubtedly a brush holder. I found one that looks a bit like it but of better quality and from japan. It can be seen with the folowing link.
I did not insert a photo of the bottom because there is no marking but i will add it now. I can't tell if it is japanese or chinese as for the date I can only speculate that it could be from the 19th century as it seems to be of a certain age ,there are many very fine cracks all over the object.

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brush holder
by: peter

I thought it could be late Qing dynasty, but looking a the blue decoration on top it looks as if it is from a later period.
The only thing that is sure is that it was hand-made in the traditional manner. The four sides were put together manually and not pressed into a mold.

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