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brownfield cup/saucer

by david
(phila,pa usa)

need help with initials/date and what type of
porcelain the cup/saucer is made out of?understand the
diamond registration,also who made it,brownfield patent#
3/70 please find photos attach.
regards david from

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meaning of painted initials
by: tim

The initials atre most likely those of the painter of the c&S.
For Brownfield please see

brownfield cup/saucer
by: David

hello all,
I know this matter was brought up some time ago however I've come to a conculsion that the initials c.s.b maybe cobridge/staffordshire/brownield,the cobridge-stoke on trent staffordshire knot device 1800s. would this be our c.s.b?

brownfield cup/saucer
by: david

this comment is for sal kahil,can,t
download larger photos having problems,yet
I can give you information that is needed the
roman#4,day26,year-D,month-R,bunle#4,its all in
this order however I turly need to kown who
c.s.b 1880 is? which is also on the cup/saucer.

regard david from phila,pa

British registration marks
by: Sal kahil

I need a closer picture of the mark or you may consult this website:

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