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bottle neck

by Hoang Tho Giang
(Nam dinh - Viet Nam)

Hi peter
I had the vase, 13 cm high
Please help him see the antiques there is not?

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May 14, 2011
by: hoang giang

This vase has been sharpening my end
should look like new

Apr 26, 2011
by: peter

If this were Song, then it would have to be Ge ware. The price would be very high. Unfortunately, this foot rim does not look like the foot rim of Song ceramics usually do. And, it is too regular and without any defects, I'm afraid.
Having someone do a hands-on inspection should clarify the matter.

Apr 26, 2011

THIS IS MADE pot varieties of the 10th century Song Dynasty

Apr 08, 2011
crackle vase
by: peter

Hi, looks pretty new. The bottoms of such antique items do look different, though.

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