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Bone pottery?

by Oleg
(Upstate, NY 12442)

Dear Peter.

Can you tell me what it is? I have a pair of these bowls dated (as was described) by 12th century. I found about bone pottery on the Internet where very similar item with a light carving (as mine) was dated to 1450's. What do you think about it and it's value?
Thank you.

Here is a link to to see more details

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Jun 03, 2011
bone pottery
by: peter

Hi Oleg,
I know nothing about "bone" pottery being in existence in Chinese ceramics. To my knowledge this is am European thing, but I will be interested to learn otherwise.

The bowl looks like a Yuan dynasty bowl to me, but I have doubts. No glaze? That is normal with shipwreck porcelain only.
The many dark spots are usually considered a sign of 20th century fakes. The fakers think it makes items look old. The only thing I think that could be is ash, flying in the kiln during the firing. But, ase saggars were used in the Song and Yuan dynasties, I doubt any item could have that look. Anyway, keep trying...after all, some of the lesser kilns might have made it.
Best would be if you could have someone do a hands-on inspection to make sure whether this item is right or not. The state of the glaze is diifficult to see on photographs.

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