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Blue White Pieces

by CJ

Hi Peter
was hoping you might know about these as well.

If you would like to have a look in my photobucket I have made a album especially for what I believe to be asian antiques, if nothing else you might get6 a kick out of what I would consider asian lol There is about 300-400 photos. Most probably nothing but I also believe I have some real old precious pieces but wouldn't be crushed if they werent;)

thank you

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blue and white plates
by: peter

The fish could be first half of 20th century, I think, but only if they have no mark or even have an unglazed bottom.
Items with a bilingual mark (both languages mean the same) invariably were made after the 1960s.
The right one could be Japanese or imitating a Japanese style.

(Photobucket images)
Bowls with lids look new.
Rose medallion plates could be older if enamel is thick. At least the gilt seems to be the older type.
That is the cock plate having a "Made in China" mark, I assume? Use of this mark started about 1920. So it is twenties or later, but has some age, as the foot shows.
Much of the other items are Japanese.

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