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Blue & White Jardinière ?

by faria
(Dracut MA)

This blue and white Jardinière was given to my Grandmother in 1938 and I am told it was old then (who knows what grandma thought was old then), I know nothing of its origin or history. It is approximately 12” x 10”

Although it is in less than perfect condition it is an important part of my family’s past.
My first memories can remember about 50 years ago when my grandmother used it as a water bowl on the back porch for the neighborhood dog Brownie, thus it has always been known as “Brownie’s bowl”
I am not concerned about value as it will stay in the family but I would love to know when and where it may have been made.

Any information appreciated

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by: peter

Thanks. The link to the pictures is sufficient.
The pictures show a different white on the inside, and it is clearly glazed on the bottom. Assuming that the whole interior is glazed, this seems more of a fish bowl to me. There is no reason that a jardiniere would be glazed inside.

The crackles are not genuine age crackling, they were artificially created. The painting style is that of the 20th century. That is, the bowl does not look antique but could be vintage.
My personal view.

by: faria

sorry will repost, not sure what happend to my pics. they can also be seen at


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