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blue vase

by Keith
(Port Talbot)

Hi bought what seems to be an old chinese vase, but reading on the web there seems to be a lot of fakes about. The vase stands about six inches high with chinese writing in the middle section and blue scrolls top and bottom. Be interested to know something abouth the vase. Thanks Keith

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by: peter

It is suggested to upload pictures if you want us to evaluate your item. We are unable to give information on a vase based on only a picture of the bottom? The mark is fake, that is certain. The crackling is artificially produced. The foot rim looks as if it might have been treated to look old.
It is suggested to look at the section related to "Marks" in the left menu, especially the "comparison" page to understand the implications (or rather the non-implications) of Chinese marks.
Thank you.

by: peter

>Be interested to know something about the vase.

From this single picture I can only tell you that this is a spurious mark, stamped, and no try was made to hide the fact that it is apocryphal. For decoration only...

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