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Blue and white Chinese porcelain box

by Linda
(Lexington, KY)

I have posted a few more pictures as you had asked for sides and bottom. The bottom I had sent earlier in a photo with the top of the lid of the box with the epitaph. I have used a magnifyer as well as by touch and can tell the writing is drilled into the surface and in small individual dots. If you need additional pictures I will send. Thank you very much for your time and expertise. I look forward to your reply.

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Feb 10, 2012
Blue and White Chinese porcelain box
by: Linda


Thank you for your comments, fortunately I didn't mortgage anything to purchase. I have read your information regarding fakes, it's quite amazing, so much to research. Thank you again I truly appreciate your advise/comments.

Feb 09, 2012
porcelain box
by: peter

Hi Linda,
Unfortunately, that holes are drilled in won't make it older or genuine. These things can and are still copied. The text of the bottom part was probably copied from some other item. The blue and painting style is the same as the lid, which means to me that the whole thing isn't authentic.
Please read a bit about faking in this site. If you are looking for such items, they are still fairly frequent and not too costly, I think.
You are welcome to ask here first before buying one, next time.

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