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blue and white charger

by tim
(llanelli wales)

I have a blue and white charger it is 18" diameter has a phoenix as a centre piece and 6 birds around the outside one each of a pair of cranes one peacock and a goose repeated twice. There are floral swags around the edge of the rear in three places, a raised rim with four stilt marks and an under glaze mark which is too faint to photograph by me.the mark is in a square 5/8th" across.The marks in the square are very simple
top left a cycle as in hammer and cycle. top right a finger pointing to the centre of the square. bottom right a cactus with one branch on the left only. lastly on the bottom left a C with an elongated lower curve with a vertical line through it.
there is no colour to the mark.
any help to identify the country of origin or age would be much appreciated

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Mar 15, 2011
by: admin

Please upload detailed pictures to this blog or, alternatively, to Photobucket or similar, then post the link here.
Unfortunately, we cannot know what you have without pictures.

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