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Blue and White Bowl with Copper Trim

by ctyam2003

Hi all!

Can anyone help me identify this bowl and the markings on it. What era and how rare is it? The diameter is 24cm and the height is 11cm.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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covered bowl
by: peter

Hi, I found your unanswered inquiry in the blog. Although a bit late, I will try to answer.
Recently I obtained a small lidded jar with a similar decoration and metal rims as this one. I was told it is late Qing dynasty, mainly due to the whiteness of the glaze, which usually points to a later period of the Qing dynasty, or the republic period. Mine has no mark.

The reason for the metal rim is that the bowl apparently was fired top down, as the fully glazed foot rim shows. That means there is an unglazed top rim, which then was fit with a metal rim. This is not so frequent in Qing dynasty porcelain. It was quite common during the Yuan dynasty, though.

The mark seems to say "Jintang Faji" a private or shop mark.
Depending on whether the white glaze is snow white or rather a mellow milky white it can be later or earlier. But, at the most it would be first half of 19th century, in my opinion.

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