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Black Song?

by Kenny
(Singkawang, Indonesia)

Dear Peter,

What can this black dishes? need your opinion....


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Aug 24, 2011
by: peter

Kenny, I wish it were as simple. A few years ago it might still have been only the high-priced items that were copied. But since the number of domestic collectors in China surged, now all sorts of items, periods (even until 20th century items), etc. are faked.
This is also the case with items that are maybe 20 dollars (only), just about everything that can be sold.
Actually, they even sell fake shards in China, because these can be sold as pattern samples to collectors for a small amount.

To me it is known that a lot of fakes are made in Indonesia too, and they are very skilled at it, it seems. So, you have to be especially careful. Here in Taiwan too, wherever you look, 99% are fakes. It is difficult to get the real thing, and many dealers do not even recognize the authentic ones.

Aug 24, 2011
Fake Indonesian ware
by: Anonymous

Peter Have read article on fake ware and was wodering if you were aware of what type or designs were copied and onto what items. I can only imagine that fakers do this for the money and therefore perhaps they might reproduce only those items which fetch much higher value. Or, do they attempt to reproduce just about anything ie, Chinese ware Vietnamese ware, plates bowls dishes pots?

Aug 24, 2011
black song
by: peter

Hi Kenny,
The bottom looks old, but the decoration not. It does not look Song or like anything I know.
Kenny, please be careful if you buy items in Indonesia. I know that there must be many genuine items there, but what I see online is mostly fake.

I only know that a lot of fakes are produced there.
May I recommend for reference?
They have a lot of pictures of Yuan and Song wares and as far as I can see those pieces are mostly authentic.
Song items almost never were covered so profusely in decoration.

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