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Big Jardiniere

by Yvian
(Cambridge, MA)

I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get in identifying the age of a jardiniere. It's amongst the things left over from my grandmother's estate. I've no recollection as to when my grandmother acquired it .... it could be old or it could be new.

Here are bigger pictures for your reference:

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Nov 10, 2011
Jardiniere or fish bowl
by: peter

Hi, most jardinieres would have a hole in the bottom. This could be a fish bowl.
It is a Doucai decoration, very fine work. I have never seen such a big Doucai item. Beautifully executed.
A real antique Doucai item is one of the more difficult things to get, and this one has no clear age signs. The Qianlong mark looks all right, but generally said, it looks too good to be true.
If this were a real antique, it would be suitable for the big auction houses, I would think.

It is recommended that you have someone experienced with Doucai do an inspection. This is not quite in my range. These things are too rare.

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