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Better Photos Of Chinese Tiles

by Connie

I tried to take some better photos for you. I have little knowledge of Chinese Antiques so the dynasty they are from is very confusing, maybe they are fake. I did find some on line and there are ones that look very simular to me with the same boarders they were almost exact, of course I can't find it again but I will and post maybe that picture see what you think. Thank you for your help I appreciate it

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porcelain plaques
by: peter

Thanks for the additional pictures.
Basically, both pictures are too detailed and true to nature to be antique. Detailed painting styles like this started to be used only in the 20th century, when western influences began coming in.

In my view both porcelain paintings are second half of the 20th century, the blue and white one on the right could be new. There are no signs that they are antique.

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