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Beautiful Unmarked Vase

by Rob

I have a very beautiful, what I was told was a, Chinese vase. It is unmarked and I basically know nothing about it and was hoping maybe someone would be able to tell me anything about it from the pictures. Is it even a "Chinese" Vase? Older or vintage? Etc Etc....

The design seems very intricate and there's a snake or serpent attached? The bottom seems to be smooth.

Appreciate ANY help at all! :)

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by: Rob

Thanks a lot! Looks like you were right...took it to an antique dealer today and he confirmed it was Japanese. He finds the dragon on it to be very unique due to the design and size of the wings. He's guessing it's from the 1920's-1930's.

Much more then I knew! Thx again for your responses!

Japanese vase
by: peter

Looks like porcelain to me. If part of the decoration is elevated (especially lines), this is a feature one or more of the Japanese kilns have.
I do not know if this is Satsuma porcelain, but it could give you a start in further researching the subject.

Thank for the reply
by: Rob

Appreciate the response! Could it be a cloisonne vase, in your opinion? I have a couple cloisonne plates and the design looks very similar to me, but I really don't know much about this type of stuff and there's really nobody in my area to take it to.

vase origin
by: peter

To me this is a Japanese vase at first sight.
Can't tell you much about age as Japanese porcelain is not my specialty. Maybe some other visitor knows...

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