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Authenticity of Porcelain Vase

by Susanna
(Dallas, Texas)

I would like to learn more about this vase. What can you tell from the markings; era? Do you think it is authentic? If so, what value?
Thank you!

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Jul 07, 2010
by: peter

Hello Susanna,

First we don't provide valueations or appraisals.
That said, this is what is called a Chinese Millefiori or Mille Fleur vase. The painting looks authentic. However, I am not familiar with the mark. It says Qianlong, but the style of the characters is unusual for the Qianlong period and this type of Millefiori decoration is more likely to be found at the end of Qing dynasty or in the 20th century.
Unfortunately, in this case the photos have insufficient resolution, but because of the profuse flower decoration it would be difficult to detect age signs, except on the bottom and inside of vase mouth.

I would recommend you consult a valuer, they will give you a value. They may also have more experience with this type of vase, but will need high-resolution pictures, especially of bottom and mouth.
To emphasize what I mean regarding this vase, in my opinion it could be antique, but it could also be more recent. Millefiori vases were made over an extended period of time, until now. Only age signs and authenticity of the mark could make it antique.
Beautiful, large Millefiori vase!

If you want me to recommend an affordable valuation service, please send me an email through he contact form of our site. I will send you the web address.

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