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Authentic Qianlong seal?

by Robert
(Ashburn, VA)

I have been told that this seal is from the Qianlong dynasty, but I have not been able to find any others like it. Could someone please tell me if it "looks" authentic or is it an obvious reproduction/copy? Thanks!

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by: Robert

So Peter, you are basically saying that I have a neat looking piece of pottery that has no real value? Haha...o welll...I was getting excited for a minute. I can just use it to hold keys now.

by: peter

Yes. These bright colors, or rather their combination, would not have been possible in traditional porcelain at all.
The Chinese in the mark would mean it was for palace use, but the mark itself and character type is just too far from what was actually used in any antique porcelain of any period. The stamped mark is just for decoration.

Re: Peter's comment
by: Robert

I am not too sure I understand what you are trying to say Peter. Are you basically saying that this is just a random piece of pottery that someone put a Quianlong stamp/seal on?

by: peter

I'm afraid this is neither authentic nor a fake, and the seal is too unreal.
To be a fake or copy of something an antique item like this should exist. This is a new creation too removed from real traditional items.
My personal opinion.

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