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Asian Vase

by N.L.Alberts

My Aunt brought this Vase to Holland during 2nd W-war.
She was the wife of the commanding General in the thirties in Celebes (Indonesia) now known as Sulawesi.

The Vase is 21 cm high and app 20 cm wide (at the widest diameter)-there ar leave decorations.
There is a mark at the bottom. Could be a Reign mark.
See photos.

Hope sombody can tell something about this Vase.

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Feb 21, 2011
Fangge jar
by: peter

This seems to be a ginger jar made in the Fangge style. They usually have these same colors and always have crackling. I can see crackling on the bottom, in the pictures. However, it is impossible to see clearly if there is crackling at the sides. There should be, because Fangge wares were made specifically with crackles. The dark brown mark and decoration seem to be right for this. If it also has crackles at the sides, then it is likely from the late Qing dynasty (1644-1911).

Mostly Fangge wares don't have this type of intricate brown decoration, though. Can you upload a closeup image of the side?

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