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Asian Demitasse Cups an Saucers

by Holly Rose
(Coral Springs, Florida)

Measurements of cup/saucer

Measurements of cup/saucer

Could you please let me know what you can about these cups and saucers. I have tried to research them with no luck at all on the internet. Can't seem to find anything even close to these.

I obtained them at an Estate Sale from an elderly woman who traveled to China regularly in the 50s, 60s and 70s. She had quite an array of items from collectibles to beautiful dishes that she used everyday. Looks to me that she used a few of these cups/saucers quite often.

I am curious as to what the phrase or words are on the front of the cups, as well as the marking on the bottom of the cups and saucers.

We are sizing down our home and are ready to let some of these smaller collectibles go. Do you believe there would be any interest on these in the antique market or could you possibly place a value on them?

Thanks so much for your time and information. It's greatly appreciated.

Holly Rose
Coral Springs, FL

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by: Holly

Peter & Shelley,

Thanks so much for your input. It's really helpful. Nice to know a little more about these. Most appreciated.

decorated by Wah Lee Co
by: shelley kong

These cups and saucers were decorated by Mr Kung's Wah Lee Company in Hong Kong in the 60s

cups and saucers
by: peter

Second to third quarter of 20th century, I would think. Only vintage, with nice rooster decoration.
I couldn't translate the proverb/saying written on the side properly into English. It apparently relates to the cocks' fighting spirit.
The mark on the bottom is a spurious Qianlong mark, only for decoration.

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