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Anything would help!

by Jim

Hello again Peter!

Inherited this covered pot from my collector mother and she wrote on a note inside "chinese circa 1875". The piece seems without any mark, so I would appreciate anything more you could offer.

Much Thanks,


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by: Viscount

This kind of crackle porcelain was very popular in late Qing especially Guangxu reign. You can compare the crackle and glaze of your piece with those Guangxu examples.

Crackle vase
by: Viscount

Hi Jim,
Agree with Peter, the crackle looks new.

lidded jar
by: peter

The crackles are very regular and equal in size. This means the crackling was induced artificially.
In addition, the characters used are very unusual. Written text usually uses one of two characters style, if it were from the period. I have doubts that this is anything but a 20th century fake.

The only two things that I could check further is the shape - would need a picture taken from the side, not from an angle above, to show the shape clearly, and a picture of the neck, with the lid removed. If the neck is glazed, this is not necessary though. In that case it cannot be of the period, in my view.

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