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Any information on my plate please

by jacqueline
(halifax. west yorkshire. uk)

Hi. could anybody please help me idenify my plate. i have almost gone bogeyed looking on the internet trying to find the marks on the bottom. 3 green leavs. the plate has me puzzled there are no chips or cracks. but the shape is most unusual the plate looks beveled as if its sank in the firing process i havent seen any thing like it. the plate appears rather old the picture looks rather plane compaired to my bowl i posted pics of. the colours are nice and vibrant. i have taken a pic to show you just how lop sided it is. any information most wellcome. thank you jackie

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Dec 07, 2011
export ware?
by: James

Better pictures would help. The "3 green leaves" are actually bats, which is a common decoration, especially on later Qing period items. This one could be an export ware.

Dec 06, 2011
by: peter

The pictures are too small. Please provide closeup pictures of bottom, foot rim and decoration.
Image resolution should be sufficient to see details clearly.

As an alternative, links to pictures on Photobucket or another website can be posted.

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