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antique teapot?

by jodie ashby

I have a cream teapot that I think is porcelain(breakable)It has dark orange trim around lid opening and a dark orange button knob on lid. there are gold markings on spout,around lid opening knob on top,some of the flowers and smaller handles.there are pink,yellow,green and dark orange flowers and brown leaves.The spout and smaller porcelain handles are dark orange,the smaller handles are holding on a tan wicker handle.there are 3 chinese,asian or japanese markings on the bottom in dark orange.the lid also has dark orange trim around the lid with flowers. there is one brown bird on one side of the teapot.there are only 6 small blue flowers .Thank you for helping me try to find out if this has any value and what I could get for it.Until I hear from you--Jodie ashby--

Please upload pictures. We cannot know what you have without pictures. As to value, please read "Value of Antiques" to the left.

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