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"Antique" tea cup or bowl - Improved Pictures

by J.Lim
(Carlingford NSW)

Hi Peter

I hope you remember that I posted some blurry pictures of this teacup, sold to me at auction as an "Oriental, antique" bowl. You kindly gave some preliminary comments on the identity and age of the cup.

I was wondering if the attached new and better photos would permit more data? Note the rust spot in the interior and the better detail of the decoration.

J. Lim

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Oct 29, 2011
Japanese Bowl
by: Anonymous

The circular decoration in the well of the bowl depicts plum, bamboo, and pine: the Three Friends. I have seen this decoration on Arita porcelain from the early 19th century (Edo) to late Meiji.

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Oct 29, 2011
by: peter

I'm still leaning towards Japanese for the reason mentioned before - the mark. The decoration itself might as well be Chinese, but the mark, with that bottom?

When they say "oriental" it is often because they are not sure whether Chinese or Japanese. Just leave it as it is, I would say. Maybe you come across something similar in the future which clarifies the case.

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