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Antique Porcelain Vase

by Peter
(Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada)

Received as a gift in the early 60's, and was considered to be an antique back then. Not sure how old it actually is, or if it's origin is Chinese or Japanese. Any information would be appreciated.

The character at the bottom of the vase is painted under the clear glaze. I haven't been able to figure out what it represents, or what period it may be from.

It measures approx. 18cm tall and 22cm wide. The diameter of the 4 globes is approx. 11 1/2 cm.

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Nov 22, 2010
Antique Porcelain Vase is not Chinese
by: peter

Hi Peter,
This doesn't look Chinese. Actually, it doesn't even look Asian to me.

Painting style and color combination look more European or Western.
The snake-like mark at the bottom, if it is a mark and not just a decoration, resembles neither Chinese nor Japanese writing.
I would ignore any foreign looking figures or objects and try to find its origin in Europe.

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