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Antique Oriental Vase

by David
(Herts, UK)

Vase front

Vase front

I inherited this vase which had been purchased by my grandfather who was an antique dealer. I know nothing about it. There are some markings on the base but I can't match them to any of the tables of recognised marks. The vase is 32cm tall

Can anyone tell me something about the vase and what value it has?

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by: David

Thanks Peter, at least that narrows it down a bit! Great web site, thanks!

oriental vase
by: peter

I cannot help with non-Chinese items, this looks Japanese and is possibly a Satsuma ware. The mark reads either Kosan or Furuyama (both readings are correct and used, but depend on whether it is a location or person's name).
This should get you started on further research...

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