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antique ginger jar

by Alison
(Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

This was passed onto me via my mother and grandfather, my mother was born in 1920 and my grandfather in late 1880/90. I don't know where or when he got it, he swopped a lot of things working on farms in Cornwall.

Sadly the neck of vase is broken, but bits are inside, lid has dog or lion on top and there's nibbling on edge.
Any help as to date or value would be appreciated.

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by: peter

This is not a ginger jar but a so-called temple jar.
Proportions are not right for an antique jar, it is elongated too much.
Decoration, mark and foot show different elements (Ming, Qing, republic era) which indicate that it is a later product trying to imitate earlier decorations. If this is from the early 20th century, then it must have been new by then.
My personal view.

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