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Antique enameled vase question

by Gray

hello peter, I picked this vase up for a few bucks, and noticed instantly that it was odd. The bottom and footrim seem old, and so does the blue near the base, but it seems as though its been redecorated with imari design? Any thoughts would be great. Thank you

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enameled vase
by: peter

Sorry, but the pictures aren't close enough to see any colors or the glaze in detail
I would like to draw your attention to two things, however.
Firstly, the shape is not a traditional Chinese shape. Either the body should be round and the neck thinner, or body and neck should have a different shape altogether. I don't know any such shape in antique Chinese porcelain.
Secondly, the shape of the green leaves on red ground reminds me of Japanese porcelain.

From these pictures it would seem to me that it is either Chinese, but not antique, or Japanese. Difficult to tell without handling it.

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