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Antique Chinese Tea cup?

by Luigi
(Waterloo, ON, Canada)

I found this at a flea market. The characters on the bottom were interesting so I thought I'd see if it had any value. It's a fairly light cup and I'm sure part of a larger set of other cups or saucers. So far, I haven't been able to place the characters- I don't think they are proper characters myself... pics attached

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Oct 03, 2010
coffee cup
by: peter

This is a Japanese cup. I am not sure whether the characters in the right column are a place (kiln) name or family name, as many Japanese names are used for both, place and family names.
I don't think it has a high value as the painting and characters are made in a somewhat sloppy manner, but one never knows? You could try They may have some forum members specialized in Japanese arts, it seems.

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