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Antique Chinese dragon lamp

by Arsalan Hyder
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

I hope this finds you in best of your health. I am sending you pictures of an antique chinese dragon lamp which was gifted to my grand father by the Royal family of Northern Pakistan, lying close to China. The lamp is made up of Metal(bronze or Brass) .I am interested in getting the appraisal/evaluation done since i was planing to sell it or auction it. The best part about this piece is that it has a strange ancient chinese Seal/Stamp engraved at the base.There is a small opening at the mouth of the dragon for a wick to be inserted. I asked a few people around and they related it to the Emperor's belongings .
I would be highly obliged if you could help me out with this. Your help in selling/auctioning it will be highly appreciated.

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Xuande mark
by: James

This mark says Ming Xuande. I am not an expert in the bronzes but my feeling is that this is not that old, certainly not from Ming dynasty. As for value, you can send pictures and description of your item to some auction houses and they could give you an estimate on it.

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