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antique china tea set

by marion naar
(exmore, virginia)

I have a tea set, as described below, purchased in the 1930s in NYC by my grandmother. the word "China" is stamped on the bottom of some of the pieces, but there is no other identifying mark.

I would like to know how/when/where it would have been manufactured. are the pieces hand painted. can a value be estimated. who might be interested in acquiring it.

thanks very much.

9 octangular plates, all with same pattern, sizes from 7" to 7 7/8" wide

7 2 handled cups, 3 5/8" diameter, all 1 basic pattern

9 lids for the 2 handled cups, with 4 different patterns (2/2/2/3). 1 of them has a tiny nick.

5 1 handled cups, plus a 6th with a broken handle. diameters range from 3 3/4" (1) to 4" (4).

16 saucers. 3 of 1 pattern, 6 of a 2nd pattern, 7 with a 3rd patterns

1 large bowl 9" diameter, 3 3/4" deep

1 small oval plate 9 3/4" x 8"

1 large oval plate 12 1/4" x 9 1/2". The 2 oval plates have different patterns.

1 teapot 6" high, 9 " wide including spout and handle

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Sep 18, 2011
porcelain set
by: peter

Hi Marion,
These pictures are too small to say anything definitive regarding the possible time of manufacture. Close-ups of decorations and bottoms would also be needed.

These items show the China cabbage pattern with butterflies.
Due to the light conditions and the size of the pctures I cannot tell if they are handpainted or printed. If you find that the surface is smooth and even when you stroke over it, then they are likely printed, which also means they are made later. If the surface is uneven, it could be handpainted enamel. Anyway, this is unlikely to be earlier than the 20th century.
The mark "China" is also important, as it could give some indication to age, according to how it is executed.

Please be aware that this pattern has been made for a long time, and probably still is. With so many pieces it is very well possible that some are from different periods and were introduced into the set later.

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