Antique China Marks of European Origin

If you are looking for European china marks or western marks in general on this site you won't find any. Not as far as I know... :-)
This site is specialized on Chinese antique porcelain marks only.

How do you find resources for marks originating in Europe or Northern America?
The easiest way is to do a Google image search for "Pottery marks" or "Porcelain marks". Note, this has to be an image search. This will turn up a considerable number of image of handwritten pottery marks or European porcelain marks, respectively of old mark illustrations.
Now, click the images to open some of the sites containing them, and you will be able to do an initial search of the major European marks. The websites displaying them may lead you to further sites providing mark search as a service.

Go to Chinese antique porcelain marks if you are looking for information on Chinese marks.
Or, read a general overview or comparison of Asian and European marks.

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