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Antique China Bowl

by Lynda

Marks on the Bottom of the Bowl

Marks on the Bottom of the Bowl

Good Evening...

I have sent 3 pictures of an antique bowl my grandmother had for years, she gave to my mom who has had it for years and now I have the bowl. It is created from porcelain, the detail in the blue glaze is like the swirls have been edged into the glaze and it is a heavy porcelain.

I know nothing about the bowl and would like to find out information such as; what regime, year/s this pattern was created, the name of the pattern and any idea of the value?

Thank you, and I look forward to any responses received.

Lynda Geidl

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antique bowl
by: peter

Please read "Value of Antiques" in the left menu regarding the subject of value.
If the word to the left of the Chinese mark reads "China", then the item can be from the 1880s to perhaps the 1920s. Basically, the spurious Qianlong reign mark (in Chinese) was frequently applied during the late Qing dynasty.
Likely to be late Qing dynasty or early republic.

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