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Comments for Another " Kendi " blue & white with strange marking

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Nov 19, 2011
by: peter

If you are talking about the clay body itself, I'm not sure about this. I know that this shape of Kendi exists, but not in what period. The mark is the problem for me here, and the bottom, not the white glaze.

Nov 18, 2011
Blue & white Kendi,.
by: Fikri Al Amoudi

I asking about what about the Kendi itself,.??
is it a fake kendi too,.?

Nov 16, 2011
so,is this Yuan Or Early Ming ?
by: Fikri Al Amoudi

Peter,please give me more opinions,.You are the

Thanks, but no need for the praise. :-)
We all have strengths and weaknesses...

I don't know what you want to know more, but this character does not exist in the Chinese language. So, that means it is a fake mark. This in turn means that the person writing it did not understand how to write Chinese and that it is a fake mark... your conclusion?

Please be careful when you buy porcelain in your place. It is known that some of the fakes are made in SE Asia. Sometimes they are good enough to fool the experts.
Please read this

Nov 15, 2011
can i get more commands from You,.Peter,.
by: Fikri Al Amoudi

is this a Tian Mark ,.??

No, there is no such character. I assume you mean the character for heaven "天"?

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