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Ancient vase?

by Moira
(New Zealand)



Hi Peter
A now deceased family member bought 2 vases (this is one of a pair) in the 1970's, via connections with a trusted jeweller and collector friend. They were sold to her as ancient vases but we have no documentation.
Background is not white, it is a very pale blue-grey. There is no glaze crackling.
Blue bird and flower design is on front. Nothing painted on the back.
Height: 57cm
I have more detailed close up photos if that helps.
Do you have an idea of the age or era of this vase?
Thank you.

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by: peter

It would be a good idea to provide a picture of the whole front image, in good lighting to see what is depicted.
"very pale blue-grey" - this is actually positive. A very white glaze would make it a later product.

The tone of the blue decoration points to a late Qing or later item. From the glaze, shape and age-related characteristics this appears to be a late Qing dynasty vase.

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