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An old looking vase but......

by Shelley

Hi There.
Firstly, thank you for providing such an informative and helpful website. I have read through much of the information over the past week and its been very educational.

Is there anything you could tell me about this Vase please? The vase is approx 27cms tall. The texture suggests it has been hand painted and the more i look at the detailing the more remarkable it is. However, there is something about it that feels modern.

Any input that may help identify its age would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Feb 06, 2011
Thank you
by: Shelley

Your input has been much appreciated. Thank you for your time and help and also for providing such an informative website.

Kind regards


Feb 05, 2011
crackle vase
by: peter

Hi Shelley,
The larger pictures seem to confirm that it is a post-Qing dynasty item.
I have no problem with the decoration being late Qing, the crackling could be right, but the mark cannot be late Qing.

My guess is that the vase is middle or second half or later, possibly vintage.
This is mostly based on the mark, which says "Jingdezhen zhi" (Made in Jingdezhen). Such marks were probably not used before the middle of the 20th century. In addition to that, the characters used are of a later type and look too regular, like a print font.
That is why I think that the vase must be from the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Feb 05, 2011
Continuing on...
by: Shelley


Thank you for responding so quickly.

The crackling is, as you say, grey and not brown. I have uploaded some more photos on the following link. Uploading photos to a storage site is new to me so i hope it has worked.

Thanks again


Feb 04, 2011
by: peter

Hi Shelly,
Thanks for the feedback. Feedback helps me verify if the content of the site is helpful.

As to the vase, I understand why you have doubts. This is a Fangge crackle vase. There was a Fangge jar in one of the last couple of submissions. That one is typical for end of Qing Fangge items.
Yours lacks many of the typical traits of these, which probably is causing the doubts.

I compare the two so that you understand where the problem possibly is:
Late Qing Fangge items usually have:
- brown crackling
- brown incised bands
- a brown incised mark (mostly Chenghua)

Your vase has none of the above features. However, the decoration, including the bands at the foot and the shoulder of the vase also have late Qing decorations.
The mark is red (looks like a seal stamp mark), and the crackles are grey. The latter makes me think it could be newer.

I wonder if you could upload larger images with good resolution somewhere on the Internet, in a place lake Photobucket, etc.? This blog may restrict image size so images are sometimes not enough detailed. What I think is necessary to check is a closeup of the mark, the top rim (just inside the mouth of the vase). And, some closeup pictures of the decoration.
Any blemishes, scratches dark spots should be visible.
Then, post the link or send it via contact form.

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